Accelerated Reader

This is a computer-managed program for all readers in 2nd-5th grade. It helps to monitor the comprehension of independently read books.

GATE - Gifted and Talented Enrichment

In the Campbell Union School District, GATE instruction is addressed by differentiated instruction in the classroom and clustering. Teachers are able to extend lessons and add increased levels of complexity to some assignments. In addition, some after school classes are offered for GATE students, which provide enriched activities.

Small Group Literacy Instruction/PE Teacher

The PTA funds a Physical Education instructor for all students in grades K-5. Half of the students in a classroom are taken outside for physical education twice per week. By reducing the class size by half, the remaining students are able to focus on reading and writing skills with a much lower student-teacher ratio.

Early Literacy Night

An educational literacy event that focuses on the latest strategies in early literacy, family literacy, and parent involvement to support their children as they develop sound literacy practices.